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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wednesday December 10.

Up and coffee, snack of salmon and walnuts.

WOD: Dual: For time: Row 500m, 50 pushups, 50 rack rows, run 400m, 50 GHD situps, 50 box jumps(24"), row 500m. I thought that last row might have killed me, but alas, I am still alive. Rack rows were tough. Another good one.

After talking with coach a bit, I am finally realizing that I am slightly overtrained. My elevated cortisol and insulin levels (hence belly fat) are the indicators. For December, I am laying off all extra work outside of daily WODs. I want to immediately correct this situation before it gets worse; before I have to lay off everything (that would make me way kookoo, I know). I am also upping my fat to 3x as of today. Thanks J for your knowledge and coaching on this- I am excited to enter the new year with a new plan! Can't wait to learn new things from J and Kate per their trip to NC!.....and looking forward to getting stronger.

Breakfast: eggs, apple w/ cinnamon and cloves (new twist, so good!), walnuts, greens w/ blueberries smoothie.
3-3-12. I realize I went extra fat here, with that 3rd carb...will tweak this, but hey, it's a new day!
Will adjust tonight.

Lunch- 1B salad with lemon, pepper and cuke, salmon, avacado, walnuts.

Snack- salmon, walnuts.

Din- salmon, spinach, cuke/pepper salad, avacado, walnuts.


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  1. i am so sore this morn! look forward to getting together to share all my nutrition cert notes with you and some holiday cheer esp. since red wine is a required beverage according to Robb!