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Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday December 22....only 3 days!

Up with good sleep, just a little short on hours. I think my quality of sleep is getting better, I just need to work on quantity. Coffee, snack of chicken and walnuts. I am feeling thick today....after a weekend of being pretty good, actually. Still struggling with body comp. vs. wanting to get stronger....arrgghh.

WOD: Killer triple: run 400, 40 thrusters (63/95), 40 pull ups, run 400, 40 GHD sit ups, 40 DL's (95/135), run 800. The thrusters came tough for me this am- I went up to 73lbs on those, and 115lbs on the lifts. This was a tough, but needed, triple WOD today... Thanks Coach- Shout out to Mariel and Brennan for being there and doing great on the WOD- it was slim pickins' for 6AM today! Looks like it's just us, this week, guys! miss you, girl ;)

breakfast: 3 eggs plus a yolk from Pauly, 1B greens shake, walnuts.

I GET to go shopping today. Merry Christmas!

lunch: chicken, brocc, bruss sprouts, red pepper, walnuts.

Back out for a little more shopping. So far, so good....I took advantage of some great sales this am! (banana rep and gap, in case you need....)

snack- chicken and walnuts.

din- salmon, eggplant, avacado, walnuts.
a personal fav.
3-1-12. I just splurged and had a slice of apple. woo hoo. :)

11-4-42 so far. I feel a snack coming on.

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