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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saturday December 27

Slept till 7! Coffee, snack of egg and walnuts.

So if you think Cindy is a nasty little girl, then try this: run 800, 40 KBS, 40 WBS, 10 rds. of Cindy, 40 WBS, 40 KBS, run 800. Went heavy on both (2olb, 24K). 34:54.....really GLAD when it was over. Of course, the cool Navy cat Steve who was visiting from VA had that 'look'- that cf look- so I knew he was gonna smoke it, and me. He did- 24 and change. Nice. Maybe one day! :) Thanks Coach! Good one.

Breakfast- eggs, sw. potato, apple. Made it right at the 30min mark. Partitioning 1/2 my carbs PWO, no fat. Will work fat in thru out the day.

Lunch- chicken, spinach, avacado, walnuts.

Snack- 0-0-5.

Snack- chicken, walnuts.

Din- chicken and salad bar at Jason's. Added about 4B guac, 4B slivered almonds.

So that was to be my complete day of eating, until we went to a friend's home to watch the fight, where they had grilled venison, shrimp, and this plate full of beautiful avacado. Like I was NOT going to eat any of THAT.

12-5-43. Prolly ended up more like 16-5-48. At least it was protein and yummy fat, RIGHT?

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