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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday Dec 16....9 days and counting...

Up with short sleep and coffee, snack of chicken and walnuts.

WOD: AMRAP 20: 15 KBS @ 24K, 15 burpees. Tough one, but good. Made it 7 rds, plus 10 close to 8....glad I went heavy.

Break: eggs, apple, walnuts, greens being the freak that I am worry about that extra block of carbs from the I pulled back on the apple. I am only adding 1/2B blueberries to the shake.

Had to travel to Manatee Co. this am, took a 1b snack with.

Back home for a later lunch, chicken, brocc, avacado.

snack of chicken and nuts

Dinner at Pauly's dad's for a family Christmas meal since some are out of town for the holiday....let's see if I can call out the menu to you: turkey, check; fruit platter that I brought, check; the ever so popular green bean casserole, dressing, sweet potatoes, new potatoes, corn casserole....check check check check check....I had turkey and some strawberries. Check. Oh yeah, pumpkin and apple pies. Not so much.
3-1-0.....home to a few nuts.



  1. Good job on both yesterdays and todays WOD... you inspire me! Are you and Paul going to make it to the party on Friday night?

  2. I know we have been missing each other in the am but will definately see you on Friday night. Jason and I will bring the "fixins" for the "NorCal" drink but we won't get to the party until about 8 cuz J will be working until 7:00 so be patient if you get there before as you know the drink is refreshingly worth it... and of course RW's endorsement makes it that much better!