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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday Dec 17....8 days

Up with skinny sleep, that's two nights in a row. Coffee, snack of turkey and walnuts.

WOD: Triple and it kicked: 3 rds of: 60 air squats, run 400, 25 push presses (63/95). Went with 73 on the presses, they were tough for me today. Coach caught me a few times doing more of a jerk, and that was me trying to get the dang bar up there. I did focus on making the rest of them just presses, but there were a few re-dos that I had to do because on some I could barely reach full extension overhead. 17:42. This one was sleeper hard.

Breakfast: eggs, eggplant, greens drink, nuts.

Lunch- 1B salad with turkey, avacado, walnuts.

Snack- turkey, walnuts.

Din- scallops, brocc, eggplant, avacado, walnuts.

11-5-53 so far. maybe a snack later.

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  1. Good job today girl! Read the menu sounds like what I'll be going home to as well. I am finally starting to feel good and now I'm off again. This always happens to me!! I'll do my best to be as strong as you but I'm going to be realistic and try not to indulge tooooo much :) See you soon. Keep the 6am crew rocking for me!