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Monday, January 26, 2009

Metcon Monday January 26

Up with good sleep and coffee.

WOD: AMRAP 20: 200m Sprints, each minute, on the minute. Tough! Surprised myself and got 20, couldn't have done it without Coach there pushing me.

Breakfast: salmon, 1 poached egg, eggplant, walnuts. Bummer we didn't have any ripe avocadoes to top this off, but next time!

Lunch- chicken, bruss sprouts, red pepper, avocado, few nuts.

Went back to the gym for some DL's and weighted pull ups.

Snack- egg and nuts

din- turkey burger, spinach, avocado, walnuts.



  1. hey miss thang. do you know how to make your blog private? i only want crossfitters who subscribe to my blog to see it. I looked in settings but cannot find an option to limit it to subscribers only. any advice?

  2. Great job today Hip Kitty! I know that getting all 20 wasn't easy, those last 10 must have really sucked. Anyway, way to bust ass and push yourself.

  3. dudette ... good job on th DL's today! The WOD crushed me, only managed 18 rds tonight, ugh!! ~ J

  4. your words were not REMOTELY harsh, Sarah. i great appreciate your interest, support, and camaraderie. i do need to learn how to say no. i need to cut back on my classes. starting this summer i am only going to teach 3 instead of 4 per semester. that will help a bit. some day i need to decrease to only 2. working way too much is 1 major problem. insomnia is another. being way too hard on myself is yet another. inconsistency is a big 4th. :/

  5. greatly not great :) ack--perfectionism!!!

  6. i did as you instructed--permissions and restrict--let me know if you can still read my blog, please, and thank you so much for the 411!

  7. hey sarah--could you email me if i inadvertently blocked you from my blog?

    k--now back to the grind! :)

  8. The weather wasn't too bad last night and did great through the WOD but after started the cough and been coughing ever since. Diane is going to bring her scope and listen to my chest before and after tonights WOD so we'll see what she hears. I am slowly upping my carbs its not too bad without em but eliminating them makes for very limited menu! Nice job on yesterday and stay on my sister cuz we need to whip her into shape she is naughty!