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Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Weekend. Beautiful.

Up late, but slept till 8.

Breakfast- a new fav! salmon stacked with fried egg and avocado. Delicious! But I think next time I'll poach the thinks it would be better like that...added walnuts.

BEAUTIFUL DAY TODAY. Hope to get some Vit D today. :)

Went 0 carb today in honor of my friend Kate. Well, until the cocktail sauce.

Lunch- chicken and nuts.

Snack- shrimp cocktail went over on protein.
3-1-0. less than 1/2 c. sauce

Din- gf steaks, little spinach, avocado.


snack of egg and nuts.

breakfast- egg whites, avocado, nuts, greens smoothie

lunch- steak, little cuke and pepper, avocado, nuts.

snack- chicken, nuts.

din- salmon, brocc, avocado, nuts.

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  1. OMG, that sounds awesome ... I think soon to be one of my new favs, 'cause you know I love the salmon. Hey, btw I fixed the "glitch" with posting the comments on the wod-blog. Now you can go to the wod page and upload your PR's from Friday. Pass the word along to MK, I'll send an email out to everyone tomorrow. Thanks and good work!! ~ J