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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday Jan 27

not so good sleep last night- coffee and snack of egg and nuts.

WOD: 15 rds of: 3 CNJ's (93/135), 6 push ups, 9 air squats. Tough one. 18:00. Extra work: 35 ring dips- had to bug out, so will make up the last 5!!

Breakfast: 3 eggs, pear, pecans.

Lunch- salad with grilled chicken, pecans.

snack- chicken, egg, pecans.

I've been short on protein, not getting my late snack in before bed, so am going to start adding a block to this snack, prolly....this is when I usually am hungriest...

Am very tired today. Hope to get solid sleep tonight.

din- chicken on grill that my husband cooked, asparagus, too....avocado.



  1. Good work today girl. Hey do you still take those rem caps?

  2. I hope you are not reading this and instead are sound asleep and are reading this upon awakening from an awesome night of sleep! Ok we need to get together and hang out for a bit been too long are you and the Mr. around on this upcoming superbowl weekend?