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Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday January 12 FOG!

Wow is it foggy today. Up with good sleep. Two nights in a row. YEAH!. Coffee and snack of egg and walnuts.

WOD: Deadlifts 3-3-3-3-3. 3RM's are different than 1RM's! Only got up to 183lbs today, a little disappointed, but not enough to really matter. All in all, 183 was all I could take. Coach questioned me on my calorie sitation, which I reported was basically the I am back at upping my fat. That's it: I am going to 3X full time today. Why is this so scary for me?

Break: 3 eggs, tangerine, walnuts.
3-1-15. More coffee.

Lunch: chicken, eggplant, avacado, walnuts. still a fav.

snack- leftover white omelet from pauly's breakfast, walnuts.

din- salmon, brocc, avacado, walnuts. I found some other Florida avacadoes, different than Kate's, smaller and lighter green in color- delicious! Got them at Pitts, but am keeping an eye out in Immokalee for them. I am learning about avacadoes at this late stage in life because I never used to eat them since they are 'high in fat, and fat is bad'....or so I thought! ;)

Going down early tonight.

11-3-61. Just looking at that number 61 freaks me out a little, but I KNOW I am skinning my zone in the right way at 3x fat. Gotta move past the actual number. Welcome to my world, my lovelies. ;)


  1. I miss my friend Sarah... I haven't seen you in a while would be nice to hang out again soon. Oh and I know what you mean with the fat... years of looking at consuming fat as the enemy that causes us to be fat is so hard to undo. So glad you were able to catch up on some sleep I know you needed it.

  2. Hey girl 183 is great. remember that is a 3rm soon you will be doing 2xbodyweight dl's.

  3. Great job today girl. So glad you'll be with us in the AM!!