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Thursday, January 29, 2009 more to go

Up with good sleep, coffee, egg, nuts.

WOD: Nicole: AMRAP 20: run 400, then max reps of pull ups. Got 71. Would have liked to get a little closer to 100....I'll take it for now, I am pretty spent. BIG shout out to B Man Brennan, who sacrificed a better 'number' in order to go Rx'd with the pull ups for the first time- way to be, bud. That's the only way to get better....and to MK, who would have smoked me had it not been for an injured hand today- hard to do kips with that crap...long week, girl. Ready to blow some steam.

Breakfast- salmon, eggplant, avocado, nuts.

Lunch out at Ave Maria- some mickey mouse salad with SOME chicken. added almonds.

The boneyard is FULL of goodies, ya'll. Lots of produce around....the only thing is, most vendors deal in if you want something and we can get somewhat of a 'plan', then I will bring produce to the gym to divvy up. OR: more fun would be to take a field trip to Immokalee! Pepper, tomatoes, citrus, avocaodes, squash, mangoes (WHAT?), strawberries, etc etc. Let me say that word on the street is that another frost is coming our way about next Wednesday- you'll see a front coming thru the SE on TV- that's it....if it gets as cold as they say (they being one ag meteorologist that a lot of farmers listen to)....these boys will be in trouble....we'll have to wait and see....maybe it won't and all will be well- let's hope and pray.

snack- white and pecans

din- scallops, spinach, avocado, nuts.


  1. ME too on the blowing some steam why can't it be Friday at 5pm right now!

  2. I hear yeah guys...I am ready for the weekend for sure!!

  3. Good job this morning on squats girl. You put up your 1 rep max multiple times which is sweet! Plus just feeling that load helps in the long run. Way to push yourself. See you tonight!