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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday Jan 14

Up and coffee, snack of chicken and walnuts. Sleep fairly solid. Not complaining.

WOD: tough triple: row 1000, 50 WBS @ 14lbs, 35 box jumps @ 20", 20 CNJ's @ 103lbs. So the CNJ's were not just tough, they were brutal on me today. I don't know how long it took me to finish them, but it was a while. Time was 22:20 or something like that . I think my 3 carbs/day are prolly not helping the situation, so I think I need to up those a little...HOWEVER: I cannot go without making a heyuuuge shout out to MK for flippin killing it today with some 17:00! YOU ARE STRONG, girl! I bow down, mama. NICE WORK. And it was work.

Breakfast: 3 hb eggs, apple, greens smoothie, walnuts.

Lunch- chicken with red pepper, cuke, avacado, few pecans.

snack- chicken, pecans

din- jason's deli- salad w/ veggies, side of chicken, guac, slivered almonds.
3-1-10 best guess.

11-5-48 so far.


  1. IFing worked out great. I went about 15 hours and actually didn't even feel hungry... until I started eating that is! Will be at am class tomorrow so I hope to see you in the am.

  2. Thanks for the kind words girl! You did awesome too cleaning almost your body weight. Looking forward to our meeting today and of course there is still time if you want to be my training partner for the qualifier :)