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Friday, February 27, 2009

FRIDAY with CINDY. Beautiful.

All I got to say is Coach could have handed me a WOD with row, cleans, burps, curbs AND more kbs and I wouldn't have cared. It's Friday folks. And I'm coming back for more tonight- I still don't care. :)

Crap sleep. What the?

CINDY: got 15 today. Beat 13 from last time. I was shooting for 16, but missed it by the squats. Push ups were def the nemesis for me today. Coach caught me a few times breaking slightly early as I was completing the push up- a fault of mine that I sometimes don't even realize I'm doing until too late. Loved being right there with the girl, plenty o' space- her also got 15. Nice work, girl. It was great because for once, the pull ups were the EASY part!

Home by 7- wow! I love days like this. Gonna go with some IF today, since I went into Cindy fasted...may as well go for it, yes?

IF over! ...and, I am most pleased that 2 Heavy Weeks are over....for now....

chicken, egg, red pepper, avocado.
4-1-12. I feel great....could be the Friday factor.

chicken, walnuts.
egg, walnuts.

Went back up to gym for squat work. Heavys, 1RMs. Started at 135, 155, 2 @ 175, 180, 185! PR of 185! woo hooo! Very pleased. Coach AND us were surprised! MK new PR of 205!!! YEAH.

chicken and avocado, nuts.

Oragami for din, but eggplant before I went to curb any rice crave (this was my theory, it pretty much worked for me) did also have house salad with ginger dressing, so good...

88% choc (Fresh Market), little almond butter, few walnuts.

11-3-40. Great day.

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  1. Yeah girl nice work today. Thanks for making me stay with yeah. See you tonight! The tomatoes are wonderful. I sliced one up for breakfast this am. I took a few and left some as well for others! Thanks!!!