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Saturday, February 28, 2009


Up too early, 6AM. Got my 7, I guess that's all I'm gonna get.

Had to go to store to get coffee. THAT sucks at 7AM on a Sat.
egg, walnuts.

frittata, eggplant, avocado.

Looking forward to some time with my man, in the sun, going to the market at Robb&Stucky, and massages ay 230!

eggs, chicken, red pepper, walnuts.

pool time and massages were great. Went to the little organic market at Robb&Stucky....found some fresh shrimp for supper, and local raw honey. I was telling my massage therp. about the honey, and she told me of a Columbian client of hers that says local honey is the best for you...sounds good to me!

snack of chicken, avocado, nuts.

din was grilled shrimp, tossed in evoo, black pepper and fresh herbs that I snipped up. Served with avocado. Fantastic!

I know I went over on fats today, so no more counting. What a great day. :)

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