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Monday, March 2, 2009

Already Monday Again. March 2.

Spotty sleep. Coffee. IF today.

WOD: Hang Squat Clean 1-1-1-1-1. Worked up to 125lbs, a PR. Failed the 135, but will SO get that next time. Go MK for getting the 135. YEAH! Forgot to list extra: db benches, on the stability ball: started with 30lbs until failure, then 40lbs till fail, 50lbs, back down to 30lbs.

Home for a splash more coffee, then to Dr. Mike's. Made it down to Dick's for new wheels, and caught up with MK there. Great morning.

Home to office work and finally food.

egg, chicken, brocc, red pepper, avocado, walnuts.

My prayers are with the situation and families of the players currently lost in the Gulf. Looks like one of the four has been found on the boat, overturned.

egg, chicken, bruss sprouts, walnuts.

salmon, eggplant, avocado.


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  1. Excellent work today Sarah and thanks for the help this am and the words on my blog.

    Why would experienced fisherman go out in a 21ft boat in those seas and impending weather?! Sad, sad, sad.