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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday Feb 12...almost Heart's Day..

Coffee, egg, walnuts.

WOD: Helen: 3 rds: run 400, 21 KBS (24k), 12 pull ups. Wanted sub 11, didn't get sub 11! 11:21. Not much else to say other than my pull ups need work, and I did have to break up my last set of swings, 15 then 6. Great WOD, tho. Shout out to JB who did finish sub11, and to MK, who ALMOST did!! She's a lean machine. Extra: lots o' DLs @ 135lbs, 40 reps. Really loving the video factor. Coach filmed us when we did our first set of pull ups, and that was so cool to see! :)

Breakfast finally after not leaving the gym until 7:50! It's a strange one today.
3 hb eggs, cauli, 1/2 grapefruit, avocado.

Making the decision to pull back to 2x fat. I wish I was 'strong' enough to be OK with a little weight gain in an effort to get stronger, but alas, I am not. I LOVE leanness. (sp)

Lunch- Jason's deli- salad bar with side of chicken. Packed nuts.

snack- egg white, walnuts.

din- turkey burger, spinach, avocado.

will have eggy soon.


  1. Nice work today girl. It's Thursday my friend..not Wed check the title :) Good lord knows I can't afford to go back a day with these kind of killer work outs!!

  2. Thanks again, Sarah! You're are so very awesome. As I just shared with Michelle, I'm going to remove my blog, because I cannot make it private, and I’ve recently had some negative encounters with unwanted lurkers and slander. But dialoging really helps. So please keep Facebooking me. :)