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Monday, March 16, 2009

The Big Weekend!

Saturday March 14

This weekend was designed to simulate the Games Quailfiers, and it was tough! Definitely the toughest physical test I've ever had in one day...but this was not about me, this was to help MK prepare for the Games. I am going to take just a quick sec and acknowledge our own Michelle Kithcart for her strength, commitment, and hard work ethic. It has been (is) both a pleasure and challenge to train beside her for all of these months- and I think I witnessed a thing of beauty this past Saturday as she was nothing but power, speed, and pure grit. I am so impressed (whatever that's worth) with HER, period. Way to be, my friend. I think I just witnessed a great athlete become an elite athlete. Thank you to Coach and Kate for all of the continued support and clean up. :)

8AM- 5K at Komen race. What a great start to the day- a great cause, with almost 8000 people running and walking! It was so much fun to run a 5K in that energy and first official one. So great to see so many CFFM buds there- Finished 24:21.

Noon- 5 rds: 185lb deads, 5 burpees. As I saw the blur of a tall blonde beside me finish in 3 flat, I struggled to keep up. Super tough for me! I know my form broke. 5:21.

5PM- NARF- 9 pull ups, 9 thrusters at 65lbs, 15's, 21's. Chest to bar pull ups, which is the new standard from here on. 10:00. Shout out to Mindy for getting some, too...

There was a Sunday AM WOD, also, that I was unable to attend...but no rest for the weary- MK and Mindy were there at 9AM to have more fun, and it was a doozy, I heard.

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