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Friday, March 6, 2009

It's Friday!! Yeeaahhh.

snack. Pretty solid sleep.

WOD: Push Jerk 1-1-1-1-1. The goal was to get back to my PR, 125lbs. This seemed doable in theory. Warmed up, then started heavys at 105-110-115fail-115-125 failed twice. A little disappointing, but not too much. Coach had said it may be pretty tough to get back there since we've been training pretty hard for the last 2 weeks, but to push for it as much as I could. I was so close!! Felt pretty strong on the last attempt, but just couldn't get under it fast enough. As much as I hate to leave it with a failed attempt, decided to call it. Back at 530 today for more....cleans, I presume? Hope to see some cronies then. :)

Breakfast- eggs, eggplant, nuts.
3-1-12. Way more coffee.

Lunch- chicken, b sprouts, red pepper, cado.

My butt is so flippin sore from the lunges yesterday.

530 WOD: Cleans 1-1-1-1-1. Stareted heavys at 105-115-115-125fail-125fail-115-125fail. Nothing but mental blocks. Very disappointed, but, the sun still managed to come up. Sorry for all the F bombs. BIG way to be to MK for PRing AGAIN on a Friday night after weeks of hard training! You are amazing, girl. ;0

Snack when I got home, chicken, nuts.

Dinner at Bacchus. Salmon ceviche, sea bass over lump crab, salad, few bites of Pauly's steak. Super good. I was told by the server that I was getting tuna and crab, but the sea bass is what came out. It was fantastic, but no worries on any added fat, yo. Home to one square of 85% choc and a few walnuts. 1 glass o wine.


  1. Great job today girl. Just think next time you go at the cleans you'll be rested and recovered and will be able to throw that weight up there. You got worries. It's been a long hard few weeks so we are for sure in need of a break and I can't wait!!

  2. Just "one square" of choc?? Can you spare a square??