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Monday, March 9, 2009

Metcon Monday March 9

Kept it real over the weekend, food pretty clean and measured. Got some much needed rest, and spent a lot of QT with my man.

Up with good sleep, despite the time change. Coffee.. IF today.

WOD: 2000m row. Warm up with 500m. Kept my 2000m time sub 8, which I will take for now. 7:56.4...had a hard time keeping my sub 2:00 split after the first 1000m. I think it's time to improve my row.

Headed to Raleigh today for a Regional Sales Meeting. The Research Triangle in Raleigh is not what I would call aesthetically pleasing, it's less than 10min from the airport, if that tells you anything. I will do my best to complete some WODs while there. Home Thursday AM, so will likely train with 6PM. I have a cooler packed so that when I do get to eat today I am not at ATL's mercy!! ;) Hopefully homeland security doesn't have any issues with eggs and chicken!

Meal 1- chicken, eggs, eggplant, nuts. Had this one in ATL, poor person next to me had to smell a few bruss sprouts and hb eggs.

Meal 2- chicken, eggs, bruss sprouts, pepper, cado, nuts. Still working on it. Here in Raleigh. Airport travel ain't got nothin' on If'ing! :)

Dinner at Maggiano's- small salad, filet, brocc. 4B nuts before din, didn't add any more fat to meal.
5-1-4++ not sure...

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  1. Nice girl. Have a great trip and thanks for the nice notes. I'm gonna miss having you with me this week but we'll be able to run together (although I'll be really trying to catch up to you) at the race on saturday. Have a safe trip and C U soon, good job today!