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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday March 10

Up with 6hrs sleep. coffee.

Found a gym, Impact Athletics. 6rds: (5) 85lb clean & jerks, 10 pushups. Kept as strong a pace as I could, about 20min. Added 50 stability ball pass thrus, 50 more pushups. Little more ab work.

Breakfast: poached eggs, chicken, fruit, nuts.

Hoping to get a nap in today. Really want to focus on any extra rest I can get for the big weekend coming up. I gotta keep up with the Mighty MK. :) Miss my CF peeps.

Lunch: turkey deli meat, salad, nuts.

Hungry before 4, so protein at lunch may have been skinny.

No nap, I can tell. Still in mtgs at 450, and more talkers to go.....sliced up an avocado in my bag because I am starving.

din- little tuna sashimi, lobster, salad, steamed veggies. few nuts.



  1. Nice WOD girl. It sucked without you this am. I could've used the extra motivation. Still pushed it, but man it was tough!

  2. Nice keeping diet strict and getting your WOD in while traveling... such a role model. Read my blog and see what Ben did!!!! Looking forward to being with everybody Saturday morning... I feel so out of the loop lately :(