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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Triple Wednesday in NC

Up with OK sleep. Usually not too solid on the road. Coffee.

I was all geared up to catch a WOD with CFNC. Talked to my CF bud here at the Holiday Inn and he told me there were WODs from 430-730. I thought he meant AM, but not so...he meant PM! The earliest WOD was at 630AM, so I was unable to make that happen- too late of a start. Went back to the other place this am to do my best version of today's triple.

WOD: 50 squats, run 400, 50 push ups, 50 lunges, run 400, 25 pull ups, 50 KBS, 25 pull ups, run 400, 50 lunges, run 400, 50 squats. It seemed to go on forever. My KBS were light, I used a 30lb db because it was the heaviest there was in the room I was in, and I didn't think thru it enough ahead of time. I'll take that as my freebie for doing this crap while traveling. Pull ups were on the close grip bars on those typical cable racks (no pull up bars, or course!). My time was about 32-33 minutes....ish ;) I was having to travel btw. rooms, get the treadmill fired up, etc etc.....

Breakfast: 3 poached eggs, chicken, strawberries, bell pepper, nuts.

I am beat. Upper bod is pretty sore. I get home tomorrow am, and I plan to sleep as much as I can. IF tomorrow. Likely the 6PM WOD. Miss you guys. :( I just realized that I won't be training during my fast.

Lunch- chicken, brocc, pepper, cado, few nuts.

nuts 0-0-4.

din- salmon, veggies, olives.


  1. Girl my lower body is screaming. My hamstrings are wicked tight from the numorous cleans I did. Can't wait for!! Fly safe, miss ya too!

  2. We are all sore ... and missing you bad :) ... hey, Pauly called and I will get back with him tomorrow!

  3. Welcome Home... you should be home by now i think. Hope you caught up on some sleep. Will probably do at least on WOD with you and MK on Sat and the Sun morning one if I can. I did the 6am class today and you weren't there :( Glad your back!