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Monday, March 30, 2009

Metcon Monday March 30

Up with 6 hrs. Coffee. IF.

WOD: run 200, rest 1 min- run 400, rest 2 min- run 800, rest 3- run 800, rest 3- run 400, rest 2- run 200m. Kept my split times within 5 sec which was the goal. Good metcon push this am. Extra work: OHS 1RM. Our first 1RM experience with OHS, so the goods news is anything over 65lbs was a PR! 75-85-95-100-105-110fail-105-100-95-85-75. I liked feeling solid under the bar. Shout out to you-know-who for progressing the OHS too!

Home for a splash more coffee, then to the sauna for 30min this am with MK. What a GREAT way to wrap up a WOD and start a Monday. Wish we could do this every Monday! Get out toxins!! :)

meal 1- dry chicken ceasar, added eggplant, avocado.

meal 2- eggs, pepper&leftover brocc, avocado.

meal 3- chicken, nuts

meal 4- kingfish, chicken, brocc, avocado.


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  1. We can just tell everyone I was using a women's bar for that set :)