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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday and I am tired already!

Up with crap sleep. egg and nuts.

WOD: The Chief- AMRAP in 3min: 3 power cleans @ 85lbs, 6 push ups, 9 squats...5 rds. That was a tough one. Got 20. Shout out to MK threw up a hundy. Extra: Heavy deads 1-1-1-1-1. These came really hard to me today. I went 185-195-195-205-205. I know my back was rounding, it was def max effort! Got within 20lbs of my PR- I certainly realized pretty early on that I was not going to hit that today. I am whipped. The poor sleep does not help, so am hoping that gets better tonight...after a family dinner we have tonight. I am looking forward to it, but kind of wish we could stay home and chill. Aaaahhhhh, life. :) I am blessed.

3 hb eggs, grapefruit, greens shake, walnuts.

salad with dolphin, added nuts, much to the bewilderment of my customer friend Ernie.

chicken, nuts.

well, I passed on the scallop ceviche which had some unknown ingredients, and that was dumb because that was the only protein served. baked eggplant-vegetable dish that was salty, salad that was salty. Now its 915 and I'm going to bed. (not salty). a little put out, but I will get over it. just feeling my oats a little bit.


  1. 20 rounds thats awesome! I knew you would do really good on todays WOD and on baaaad sleep too! If you can get a nap in today I find that helps to get through a long day/night. Have fun with the family.

  2. Yeah girl, thanks for pushing me this morning. THe cheif is now behind us! Good work.