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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April 1 and somebody played a dirty rotten trick. No names.

Up with short sleep. Coffee. IF.

WOD: Filthy 50: 24" box jumps, jumping pull ups, KBS (16K, what a gift), walking lunges, KTE's, push presses (45lb), hypers, WBS (20lbs, not a gift), burpees, DU's. Did not beat my last time. Finished 30 flat. Quite the sweat box today, me and the gym. Shout out to MK who went Rxd and still beat her last time- what a page turner, girl!

Back to the sauna today for some detox & recovery with MK. This is such a treat for me. Could easily become a sauna freak...

meal 1 4-2-10.

meal 2 4-1-10.


  1. Have a safe trip and i'll be thinking about you both. See you soon girl! Drive safe.