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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday March 26

Up and coffee. IF today. Looking for Friday.

WOD: for time: row 500, 25 SDLHP (65), run 400, 50 WBS (14), run 400, 25 SDLHP, row 500. Finished sub 14, I'll take it. Extra: deads. 5-5-5-5-5, as heavy as possible. i struggled with them- they were the hardest they've been in a while for me. I was trying to reach my last 3RM of 183, but there was no way that was happening today. Not sure what's going on, other than the fact I am pretty beat and my forearms are really sore. Had issues with my grip today, started playing with alt grip. 155-165-165-165-165. had to break up some of my sets. not real happy with my deads today. My whole body is pretty sore, feeling some tightness in lower left back.

Feeling the IF today (hungry since I woke up), and headed to a silly women's issues luncheon that the Gator Club is doing. It's bearable, so I am not complaining, but have already prayed that God will help me to keep a good attitude. I don't think I'll have much time to eat here first....





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  1. The dead's were hard today sis. You did good no worries. We are both pretty sore that I'm sure that affected things. See you in the AM.