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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursdays with Nancy

short sleep again, coffee. IF.

WOD: Nancy: 5 rds: run 400, 15 OHS @ 65lbs. Did not beat my last Nancy time, not everyday is a PR, right? OHS were tough, but I was glad to be able to get all 15 each set. So glad she's only 63lbs! 15:05.

5-1-14 nooner. Lazano's in Immokalee. 17.5hr fast.

Massage at 3PM. yes. I am most pleased about this. I am tired.

2-1-11 430PM.



Great day, as my work week is drawing to a close. I am tired and ready for the weekend. Today's IF was the most challenging for me so far, for some reason. I think because I knew my first meal would be at a restaurant...sounds strange, I know- but I love to prep my own clean food for the most part! It worked out tho, in the end. I got plenty of food today!

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  1. Great OHS this am girl. See you are stronger than me in many ways!! So jealous of the massage, gosh I love those. Enjoy you deserve it. Only one more wod for the week girlfriend.