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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday March 18

Up with short sleep...less than 6. snack of egg and nuts.

WOD: triple: Row 1000, 50 WBS (14), 3 rope climbs, then 3 rds: 15 KBS (24K), 15 box jumps (20"). Went in at 5AM because I have an early and long day ahead. Was great to train with Mike and Kate this am. Finished 15:37. Felt not as strong on the climbs, could have pushed myself for the 20lb ball, but decided to not go there today. I am a little tired and not feeling completely 100%. But, am taking Vit C (thx Kate!) and trying to keep nutrition as solid as possible. Rest is where I need a little help most likely. Had salmon and sw pots at the gym.

nuts from breakfast @ about 11AM

lunch- salad with chicken, avocado.


din will be Jason's Deli.


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