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Friday, April 17, 2009


Up way too early, 4AM. About 5.5hrs. Gotta get some rest. IF today. Was going to run this am, but after reading the WOD, decided against it. Will catch 6PM with Pauly. Won't get train during the IF, but going with that there's some benefit from the fast anyway, per brief consult with MK this am!! Am tired this am. Hoping to be home at 5PM. Happy Friday!!

WOD: DT: 1oolbs: 5 rds: 12 deads, 9 hangs, 6 push jerks. For time.

meal 1- chicken, turkey, red pepper, salad w/ tomatoes, nuts.

meal 2- (driving home!) turkey, eggs, tomatoes, nuts.

WOD: DT was pretty dang tough. Cleans weren't as pretty as I would like, but I was just glad to be banging them out. 15:20. Thank goodness for the deads. Shout out to 6PM who all killed it and worked HARD to get it done!

meal 3- jasons deli- salad bar w/ chicken, egg, side of guac. Home to 1 square fo daaaark cocoa and few more nuts. 4-1-13.


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  1. Glad to have you back! See you tomorrow. Good luck tonight...I know you'll kill it!!