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Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Weekend

Up early on Sat, but managed to stay in bed till about 730. Coffee.

Pose Clinic @ 9. That's going to take some practice! The 2 pose laps around the Reserve were the hardest ones yet. Had to dash quick from the clinic to make it to a surprise BDay party for a friend at Cantina Laredo. Had one MGD64, tableside guac, and a littel tiny salad with about 2B chicken. Home to a few eggs, some nuts. Watched Doubt. Where is the sun???

Dinner was at home, turkey burgers (our weekend fav), some delicious RED tomatoes, cukes, FL sweet onion, avocado, nuts.

My entire body is sore, mostly from DT, I think...


Up early again...I just cannot seem to sleep in past my usual 7ish hours. Kind of frustrating. We are thinking of going to the beach today....I really hope it's sunnier than yesterday ended up being. Church at 1030. About to start some coffee!

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  1. Nice weekend girl, sounds like fun. See you tomorrow!