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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday April16 in Orlando

Up at the hotel. Headed to hotel gym.

WOD: Row 1000m, 30 thrusters (45 lbs), 5 suicides, 20 thrusters, 4 suicides, 10 thrusters, 3 suicides...? I think.

Good news is I got to row the 1000, did 40 lb db thrusters (first set at 50lbs), ran .3mi on treadmill for the suicides...took me about 17min. Added 50 CHEST TO FLOOR push ups for remedial work from yesterday.

breakfast- 4 hb eggs, nuts.

OOOPS! As I read MK'sblog, I realize I shorted myself on the thrusters...oh well. Will try to hit the sauna here tonight....miss you girl!

lunch- salad with some chicken, added nuts.
4-1-6. there was added fat from the chicken, it was skin on-I removed it.


Massage and sauna action here at the Marriott, swank I tell ya.


dinner- chicken, shrimp, salad. added nuts.


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  1. Did not know you were in Orlando so I was dissapointed this am not seeing you at the gym :( but I know I will see you by next weekend for sure! OMG MK looks so awesome! Beach is man made at this little Lake Blue Resort... but it still counts!