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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday. Triple.

Up at 350AM. I am tired. Coffee. IF today.

WOD: 3rds: 15 KBS (24k) 15 pushups. Run 400. 3rds: 15 WBS 15 pull ups. Run 400. 3rds: 15 push press 15 air squats. Run 400. of course, another tough triple. Glad I went with the 24, but not glad my push ups were suspect today for some reason- prolly nothing more than I am fn beat. 20:06. Heeeyyuuge shout out to MK for some beautiful CTB pull ups AND for dropping 4% BF!! Yeah girl! You are almost there, mama.

Sauna with MK. Dr. Mike's. Home to office and pack for a flipping business meeting Thurs and Fri. See you all at the pose clinic.

meal 1- turkey burg, lil chicken, pepper, eggplant, avocado.

meal 2- turkey, egg, red pepper, walnuts.

meal 3- turkey burger, egg, tomato w/ evoo, avocado.

This apparently was turkey day. Hotel is beautiful, just got into room (24th floor)...832pm. Bedding down soon.

By the way, got an tip from Bobby Flay on boiling eggs- he says to never actually let the water come to a boil. Cover the eggs with water, heat on high until those tiny little bubbles start to rise from the bottom of the pot, and turn off heat. Let eggs sit for 15 minutes. Remove. I always add a few drops of evoo (any oil would do) to help in the peeling process.

Tried this today, and they were perfect. Smashing.


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  1. Thanks girl! Have a great trip and you know i'll miss you the next 2 days at the gym but no worries. Have fun and hit that sauna if you can. See you Saturday girlfriend!