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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday April 7

Up with poor sleep, coffee. snack

WOD: run 400, 20 pull ups, run 400, 30 burpees, run 400, 20 pull ups, run 400, 30 buprees, run 400, 20 pull ups. Of everything, the burps were the toughest for me today. Shout out to MK for the NICE CTB pull ups! Extra: Hang High Pulls 95-95-85-85-85 and HSPU's 5-5-5-5-5.

hb eggs, brocc, grapefruit, walnuts.

salad with cuke, pepper, dolphin, nuts.

egg, nuts
salmon, egg, spinach, avocado, nuts


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  1. You too girl, nice HSPU's. You rock at those. Thanks for the thoughts on my poor doggy. He'll be back up and around before I know it. I'm feeling tired today...might have to dip into some coffee this afternoon. Remember to IF tonight and we'll hit the sauna tomorrow!