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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday with SoCal

Up early because I went down early. Coffee, egg, nuts.

WOD: SoCal Reg Quali WOD #3: Row 2K, then 6rds: 20 box jump, 10 WBS. What a push for me on the row! I am glad to have done it, tho. Finished it 8:02.4 and I'll be taking that for the day!
Glad to have this one behind me. (I seem to say that a lot in my head)

hb eggs, eggplant, walnuts.

Headed to Palmetto today. I am so excited for the weekend! Road trip baby! (with Mr. MK) hahaha

salad w. chicken, evoo, added nuts.

egg, nuts

Gator baseball game tonight at Hammond. Left at the top o the 5th, gators just hit a homer to take the fn lead back, 4-3.

Took my din- chicken, red pepper, avocado


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