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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Up and coffee. No snack.

WOD: 25 min time limit: 5 snatches (93lbs), farmers walk (70lbs), 25 burpees, 4-walk-20, 3-walk-15, 2-walk-10, 1-walk-5. Did not go Rxd again today, went with 75lbs on the snatches, but did go up a little on the walk with the 20k bells. My snatches were ugly, period. Need to work on those. And, the last walk I used the 35lb db's since LuLu did me a fav and picked up my kb's on accident! I don't think she was near as excited about this as I was! ;) Did a few ropes with MK and Liz after class.

sauna with MK.

2 hb eggs, chicken, red pepper, avocado, few almonds.
4-1-12. less than a full block here.

salad with chicken, little salsa, guac.

headed to Dr. Mike's.

Back from Dr. Mike's. My back is tighter than a drum, not able to get much adjustment out of it. I am getting an awesome massage tomorrow courtesy of my girl MK (THANKS GIRL!) and hope this will help. Dr. Janna adj me today and I really like her! She showed me some stretches today that should help open it up. When she/Mike presses down along my spine to adj it, nothing happens! Locked up.

egg, nuts.


egg, mahi, bruss sprouts, avocado. daark cchoc!


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  1. Holy Crud! Where did the time go? Can you believe its only two days away? I am so psyched for MK!!!! Super work on the WOD's this week... by the way