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Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday and Murph's back.

Up with the usual for sleep. egg, nuts.

I did not know until now that the 'Murph' WOD was a hero WOD, named after a courageous and strong soldier. This man is truly a hero. I just watched the White House video on SMike's blog- thanks, my man.

WOD: Murph. So my last time was 55, but it was not Rxd, as shredding of hands made jumping pull ups a neccessity. Murph kicks my ass each and every time I do it, it does NOT matter how long you've been at it or how strong you think you are. Managed to finally complete Murph today Rxd in less than an hour. 56:15. I will take that shit for now, absolutely and most definitely.
The rain felt great for that second run. Big shout out to Brennan, Mariel, Liz and SMike for working HARD this 6AM to get Murph completed. You guys rocked it out today. Ain't no little rain gonna stop fn 6AM from kicking ass.

Did not feel like eating this am. Got in sauna with my girl at 8AM.

egg and nuts about 1030.

lunch with a girlfriend at McG Cafe. Greek salad, sans feta, with chicken. EVOO & vinegar.
looked to be about:

still a little squirrely here at 3PM.

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  1. Great job leading our pack today Sarah! Have great Memorial Day weekend.