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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day May 25

Sleep was OK. IF today. Went for a short run, prolly 1.5 mi, then 50 curb pushups. Active rest! Just enough to tell my brain I didn't sit on my ass all day, but prolly not enough to amount to anything. The effen short run still sucked.

meal 1- chicken, hb eggs, pepper/cuke salad, eggplant, avocado

meal 2- chicken, eggplant with olives, little tomato, EVOO, onion (delicious), avocado

meal 3- chicken, salad, pecans.

There was a little bit of frozen fruit mixed in today- less than a full block, but will count as 1B. Prolly 6B carbs today.....

Hung out with my neighbor in her hot tub after the run this am, also got a little sun today. Watched The Reader, but that was slightly disturbing....I am chick flicked out. Got my fill this weekend. And, did I mention, no AC for the last two days.

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