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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Up at 330 to get Pauly to the airport this am. Did I HAVE to get up at 330? Not quite, but of course, I did since I was wide effen awake. egg, pecans

WOD: "Two's": Power Cleans @103lbs, burpees, run 100m. 2,4,6, on. Made it 6 rds, plus 14 PCs plus 5 burps. Cleans felt pretty good this am, keeping everything tight and thinking about fast elbows. Shout out to MK who was doing a brutal row and press WOD....and to SMike for killing it this am!

salmon and yams at the gym

Hope to get some sleep this weekend since I am home alone.

mahi, mixed veggies, olives.

salad with chicken, EVOO.

turkey, egg, salad, almonds
3-1-6ish did not count as I was at a Gator function.


  1. Thanks for the love and support girl. You are such a good friend. Keep spankin' it in the mornings for the both of us! You rock. Looking forward to some much needed sauna time on friday :) Have fun tonight with all of the other Kuu Kuu Gator fans!

  2. Good job on the today's punishment. You showed Jason what's up! Hope you get to chat with Urban Meyer even if he is almost as evil as Jason! Just kidding, go Noles :-P