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Monday, June 1, 2009


We are home from MO. First, I cannot put into words what it meant to see the name 'Crossfit Gang' on the beautiful flowers at Paul's mother's funeral. This blog isn't the most appropriate thank you, but it's the first one- and it is from our hearts. THANK YOU for your thoughts, words, prayers, and of course, the beautiful flowers- Stargazer lilies! We are both so proud to be a part of group that not only trains hard together, but supports each other in life's trials. What a blessing.

We went into 9AM for Back Squats 5-5-5-5-5. 90% of 5RM. Best I can tell my 5RM is 185lbs from 2/09. 90% would be 166.5lbs- I stuck with 155lbs today across the board. Started at 170lbs, failed after 3RM, so I knew that was too heavy today. The 155lbs kept me at about 84% of my 5RM today.

IF today. Ready to eat soon. Miss my peeps, see you tomorrow!

turk burg, spinach salad w/ red pepper, cuke, avocado, olives, few nuts

omelet with onion and mushrooms, olives, nuts

chicken, cooked spinach, avocado


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  1. Yeah, nice to have you back! Can't wait to train with you in the morning. I have a hard time swinging that morning sauna these days. I'm headed there tonight after work if you are board join me! Ohhhh but I can do 11 & 12 in the morning. Keep that in the back of your mind.