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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday June 2!

Up with decent sleep. Coffee, egg, pecans

WOD: for time: 50 air squats, row 750, 50 burps. Felt sluggish on the burps today! Fn burpees.
Did 5x5 upright rows with MK for extra, 50-55-60-60-65.


scrambled eggs, greens shake, avocado, nuts

salad with chicken, guac.

my legs are sore!

some yummy egg omelet that Pauly made with onion, mushroom, sun dried tomato, and a splash of parmesan. Shame!
1-0-12. went over on fat here. carbs were neglible.

mahi, bruss sprouts with marinara, avocado. too good.
3-2-8 daaaark choc, 1 sq.


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  1. Fn burpees! My legs are sore too, you are not alone.