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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Filthy Wednesday! July 22

Holy smoke, July is almost over! Come on football....

good sleep. coffee, snack- egg, nuts

WOD: That little Filthy 50: 29:20. Didn't beat my best time, but beat my last time. Just can't seem to get sub 29. The burps were tough for me today. Thanks to Coach who scaled it for chicks with the 33lb bar and the 14lb ball.....I am sooo happy this 50 is behind me for now! SHOUT OUT to 6AM for getting this one done swell today- Yeah Liz for beating your last time by 6 minutes! That's awesome!

hb eggs, eggplant, greens shake, nuts

Whew! I am beat. Got much driving to do today- heading out...later Gators!

more hb eggs, red pepper, nuts on the road...I know, I really need to switch it up.

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