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Monday, July 6, 2009

monday~ july 6

Up with decent sleep and coffee. IF today. Some GI issues this am, maybe a little food poisoning in the AC airport? ugh.

WOD: Thrusters and Sprints. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of thrusters (83) and 100m sprints. Told myself going into this that I wanted to get my thrusters straight through, and I did, so was happy with that. Still felt slow and sluggish, tho....the little 100m runs were getting kinda yucky towards the end, like eventho they were only 100m, still tough on a 'post holiday Monday'. Extra was ring dips. 5x till fail. Still working on the little kip to get my ass back up. Total of 18 for 5 sets, not too stellar....but that's how it went down this am!

Tummy still shaky this am. This will be a good fast 'cause fork down was at 5PM at ACY.

So Paul and I are beginning to tinker with body pH. The SH family are constiuents of the Alkaline Diet and all about keeping an internal alkaline state. We got a roll of pH strips and are starting to test our pH. I have begun to see how eating and drinking certain foods/liquids affect my pH. I've been 'blue' several times, which is alkaline, like 7.0- that is the key- staying blue. But I have also been more acidic at times. It changes throughout the day as you eat, drink, etc....this fits perfectly into our diet needs and way of eating, since RW and Dr. Cordain discuss this topic re: Paleo eating. Pretty cool stuff.

IF 20hrs.

ate meal 1 at 230- chicken, red pepper, avocado

snack at 430
egg, avocado

Went back for CFE WOD; did the Tabata on the C2. 20 sec on, 10 sec off, 8x. Total 719m. A short and sweet one.

meal 2 at 730
chicken, egg, brocc, marinara, avocado

10-3-30 so far. am going to try to eat more protein before bed, but...


  1. Embarrassed? Well I guess maybe next time you will think twice about halving my time! Although I guess you can't really predict that one. Hmm...

  2. Great WOD time Sarah and you weren't even feeling that good!!!! hope your feeling better. Where is MK??????