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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday July 30....another tough one

Up with decent sleep. Coffee, egg, nuts

WOD: 5 rds for time: run 400m, 30 KBS (20k), 15 pull ups. You just know when it's going to be bad, and this was a long, tough one. The swings were hardest for me, in the sense that they continue to kick my tail everytime- I was using my pace car, MK, as my guide today- managed to finish 26:13. Exrta work today- TGU's as heavy as possible, 10 each side: 30lb db for first 10, 35lb for 10. Thank goodness tomorrow is an off day with the last 2 days we've had! Cannot wait to see what the SATURDAY WOD will entail.....hmmmm....come on Coach, inquiring minds want to know......what requires a whole day off....I can think of a few things.....hhmmmm....

Way to be to MK for not breaking up her 5 sets of 30 KBS @ 20k- girl, I BOW DOWN.

breakfast- 3 hb eggs, yams w/ cinn

Sauna to detox! Now office time- yuk.

lunch- chicken, cooked veggies, avocado, olives. a standard.

egg, nuts
1-0-10 easy on the nuts girl

lettuce wrapped turkey burgers tonight!! yummy. can't wait for Pauly to finish the WOD so we can eat! :) that is, if he's not too wrecked from the 150 swings....

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  1. Thanks girl! What a killer of a workout this am. It was a great push from both sides. I'm totally looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow it's much needed. We can always back out of Saturday's WOD if we want....Just kiddin' :) I know i'll be seeing you there no matter what it is!