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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday July 28!

Up with short sleep again. coffee, egg, nuts as I start my day thinking of Cindy....

WOD: Cindy. Was blessed to beat my old 'score' today, not by much but I will take it. Got 16 rds plus 8 squats- so close to 17! 20 seems reeealllly far away, but that's my ultimate goal, and then some....shout out to MK for getting her some Cindy, too- you crushed your last time, girl- that's def a gooood thing! And Mike- way to be on those HSPU's, bro- it's a notebook 'thang', yes? Going back in tonight for some benches.

breakfast- 4 hb eggs, brocc, nuts.

lunch @ 130- guess it was the extra egg! spinach saald with mahi, orange pepp, cuke, avocado.

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  1. Way to manhandle Cindy this morning girl! You were rocking it out. To beat it by a round is will be at 20 in no time.