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Friday, August 21, 2009

FRIDAY. Yeeeeaaaaahhhhhh.

Up with the coffee. Little sketchy on sleep. IF today.

WOD: 5 rds for time: 12 db snatches, 12 box jumps (20), 12 pull ups. WHEW!! Good one for a Friday, I am flipping tired. Yay! Extra was snatch grip deads, up on a plate 5x5 @ 115lbs. Those were good. My hands hurt.

Is it lunch time yet?

IF 16 hrs

meal 1@ noon- yummy salad with chicken, eggs, avocado, nuts, bruss sp, and red pepper.

2-0-9 @ 230PM
eggs, nuts: big snakola. I love IF'ing!!!!!

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  1. I am regretting the "DT" now. My back and chest are wicked sore I couldn't even get out of bed at 5:30 this morning. I am going to load up on advil all day and hopefully make it in this afternoon. My dumb ass was hoping for 4 WODs in 48 hours. What was I thinking!