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Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Aug 24

Up with coffee and snack. IF'd yesterday.
WOD: Push Jerks @ 75% 1RM, 4x8. 75% put me at 95lbs (93.7, rounded up). Felt good, went with 95lbs atb. Prolly coming back in tonight for something.

breakfast- 3 hb eggs, cooked veggies, nuts

lunch- spinach salad w/ chicken, red pepper, avocado, olives.

Webinars all week, this means much pointless time spent in office. Ugh.

snack- egg, nuts

went back in for strength work- front squats, 6x3. Started @ 115-120-125-130-130-135. Did not notice my most recent 3RM of 145 until I was done!! So, little bummed about that, but glad I made it to 135 today...I did feel like I had a little more in the tank, but didn't push it.

din- chicken, spinach, red pepper, olives, nuts


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