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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

In honor of DT

Up with short sleep, coffee- bit of a headache...chicken, nuts

WOD: 'DT': 5 rds for time: 100 lbs: 12 DL's, 9 HPC's, 6 push jerks....seriously, this one was NO JOKE. SHOUT OUT TO JENN who went RXD at 5AM! I did several extra DLs as I had to break reps ups, but tried to be as smart about it as possible. Holy smoke. THis one was a killer. My cleans were not pretty today, STILL need to work on fast elbows and jumping UP not back.

break- 3 fried eggs, eggplant, few aspar spears from last nite, nuts.

where oh where is my stuntman mike?

lunch- salmon on salad with red pepper, nuts, few spears of aspar.

hungry at 2- chicken, nuts

am tired today. ready for the weekend- and tomorrow is Thursday......nice. Have an industry function to go to tonight (oh joy), Citrus Expo Banquet @ I guess that means a salad the size of a china saucer, either overcooked roast beef or chicken covered in some unidentifiable/out of a packet sauce (that I will scrape off), about 1/4 c. of vegetables, and a heeeeyyyyyuuuuuge dessert (that I will pass over to someone who shall remain nameless). Oh, and rolls. Can't wait.

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  1. sorry I missed out on the excitement today! I'm sure I will have to make it up. I will be doing a CFE workout tonight. I'm going to start doing them every weds/sat.