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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday Aug 18 "Sick with the row"

Up with decent sleep. egg, nuts, devo as sooo hear my dental hygienist (sp) discussing teeth staining from aaaaalllllll the coffee I drink.

WOD: Row 750m x4. If there's a day of CF that makes me want to stay away, this is it. Effen row sprints greater than 500m. Sucked it up tho and embraced the opp to train with Mike/Jim. Was able to keep them pretty tight. Kept the '5 sec rule' intact, if you will. Extra strength work today was Power Snatches 8x2. Still having to keep the weight light to work on form- 65lbs.

breakfast- 3 hb eggs, mixed veggies, nuts.

About to eat lunch (2PM). Haven't been hungry, just got back in my office from a long meeting this am in LaBelle. Made damn sure I posted today since I DO NOT want to have to start tomorrow's WOD with 50 burpees.

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