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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday Aug 13

Up early since I had a nap. Yesterday was 'listen to your body' day for me. Coffee.
IF today. (as usual, Kate! gotta end the monotony!)

WOD: Tabata Something Else: 20 sec on, 10 sec off 8x pull ups, push ups, sit ups, air squats. Total was 336 today. It was a big push for me today to get all I could. Will check to see how this matched to the last one we did- gonna search my blog for that one. Am interested how they compare. Going back in tonight for strength work, presses.

Feel pretty good today, need to get to Dr. Mike's for the week. Ready to eat @ 1013.

meal 1- fried eggs, chicken, spinach salad, brocc, nuts
4-2-17 mmmmhhhmmmm...a nice big one.

Brocc was a killer today for some reason. Maybe my system is finally saying 'enough effen broccoli already!'

Soooooooo: searched my blog for Tabata Something Else and found 8/4/08 (my score was 341) and 11/17/08 (343)....I was under both of these today. :0
I chalk this up to being a year older!! That's what I am telling myself, at least.

meal 2 @ 4PM- eggs, red pepper, nuts

Did presses at 6PM. 2x each 30 sec, 10 rds. 75 lbs.

meal 3- we just had some delicious salmon (albeit from Costco ;) )....Pauly handled the fish- mine topped in mustard covered with chopped walnuts, his raw honey, cinnamon and chopped walnuts. Both cooked on a cedar plank on the grill. Fantastic! Added squash, spinach, few olives. Great meal.


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  1. Break the cycle IF on Tues and Fri nxt week! Hope to see you over the weekend at some point maybe????