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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday Aug 12

It seemed like I slept for 3 days when I woke up, but looked and felt rather exhausted. Coffee, snack.1-0-5

WOD: AMRAP 12: Row 500 once, then 5 deads @ 123lbs, 10 wall balls (14). This was a tough WOD! I love the ones like this, tho, with the low reps- it makes it seem more do-able!

breakfast- hb eggs, brocc, nuts

lunch @ Lazano's again- same as yest, salad with chicken, added guac.
3-1-12 best guess

I just finished up with my boss, so I am doing great right now, but am tired. Looking for a nap!

got the nap! 1.5-2hrs wow.

2 hb eggs, a red pepper, nuts

mahi, spinach, avocado, nuts. 1 square of you know what.


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