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Monday, August 17, 2009

The Weekend, Aug 15-16

Another great one with lots of rest- key for us! No beach action, since the weather kinda sucked, ran a few errands and grocery shopped- GF burgers Friday night, and 'I Love You Man'...less than stellar. Got up Sat am and did a CFE WOD, then headed to a baby shower....home to my man and lunch, little bit of sun action before the rains came, and chilled out for a while before headed to Steve & April Lennon's Lobster Fest 2009- had about 1 beer, little bit o' wine, and lobstah, coco shrimp, etc. Funny thing is we decided to get a store bought veggie tray to take, but Publix was out, so we canned the idea at the last minute- figuring there would be lots of veggie trays- there was not the first green food item present, period. It was a tough place to be when you're trying to go Paleo! Great time had by all.

Sunday was a day of church (Paul and I taught children's church- ha!) and rest- again. Origami for din.

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