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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bear on Tuesday- Sept 22

Up with OK sleep. egg, nuts

WOD: Bear: 70-75-85-95PR-100f. SO CLOSE! Made it all the way thru with the 100 until the last jerk OH. Thanks for the push, Coach- I would have left it @ 95 without you. Actually, I would have left it @ 90 without you! Just goes to show, we (read: I) usually do not push ourselves enough with heavy weight! Ex: Weighted pull ups: 3 @ 15, then 17 @ 20lbs.

break: 2 fried eggs, lil chicken, asparagus, brocc, red pepp, nuts. I love it. Veggies at breakfast are a good thing!

On the road today- see ya!

lunch- seared tuna, salad with chicken, nut packer today.

egg, nuts

din- t burg, brocc, nuts, daaaark choc and ab....oh my goodness. sooo good.


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